Our Mission To create a more humane and democratic society by responding to the needs and problems of disenfranchised people through leadership development and educational programs based on Popular Education methodology. Specifically our goal is to organize and educate immigrants concerned with solving problems in their own communities.

Problems with Our Main Phone Line - Tuesday May 3, 2016

Our main office line is currently experiencing problems. Please email us or call staff members directly. We are working to fix the issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Maegan Ortiz - Executive Director

IDEPSCA Response to Yesterday's Fifth Circuit Court Decision on DAPA/DACA 2

For Immediate Release : Nov. 10, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
Contact : Maegan Ortiz

Maegan E. Ortiz, Interim Executive Director released the following statement regarding yesterday's DAPA/DACA 2 Decision:

Popular Education 101

We are trying to get back to our roots and reflect our name, be an institute for Popular Education. Last week staff and new volunteers from Occidental College and Azusa Pacific University met at IDEPSCA's main office in Pico Union to get a taste of what popular education is (and what it isn't) and its historical roots in Latin American movements.

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